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The Southworth Sourdough Story

How it started

Welcome to Southworth Sourdough! My name is Audrianna, I am the founder, and baker! I love a good bread pun, though most of them are pretty crumby! I am a wife and mother, and the kitchen is my favorite place to be! 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved baking. I loved it, but I never felt that I was good at it, or that I was smart enough to do it "correctly". I was afraid to try making bread, because I didn't want to kill the yeast. I didn't understand how it worked, therefore I was knew I would fail and as a perfectionist, I just didn't try. Fast forward a few years, I am married, and very pregnant with my third child and I had spent over a year researching sourdough, and bread science, but I was still hesitant to try. Then suddenly the world shut down because of a global pandemic, and store shelves were empty and yeast became a commodity. I watched on social media as hundreds of people tried to create their sourdough starters. I delivered my baby, and I began to struggle with postpartum anxiety. Life felt so out of control and I desperately needed something to keep my mind busy and center my soul. Enter: Sourdough. I was ready, and I dove in. It took me one whole month to get my starter fully active. But after baking my first two loaves I was hooked. All I wanted to do was bake bread. After months of perfecting my process, I began to feel an unrelenting call to teach. I knew that more homes, and more parents needed to be filling their babies bellies with real, whole food. To me, bread is an essential. 

The kitchen, is the heart of the home and it should be used! Oven should be warm from baking bread, and little hands should be snatching the first slice of a fresh loaf. I want to give you the confidence to feed your family with just a few ingredients, and to create something you are proud of! 

Happy Baking Breadheads!

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