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Learn to leaven by Southworth Sourdough

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The Learn to leaven course teaches you to make incredible sourdough bread, without overwhelming you. It’s designed to give you a sturdy foundation of sourdough knowledge, while also building on the basics so that you can make the process your own. It effectively teaches you why the “rules” exist, so you can break them and still have success! Just under 4 hours of learning, broken into 10 sections for simple navigation. All the info and support of an in person workshop, but with the added benefits of being able to access and refer back whenever you need to! This course will completely change your sourdough game and take your loaves from "blah" to beautiful! We cover basic bread science, building and maintaining a starter, using discard, all the tools and ingredients, the leaven method, my recipe, full process, a deep dive into techniques, shaping, scoring, and tons of troubleshooting. We leave no stone unturned, so you can bake with confidence and comfort!





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